The Way of A BraveHeart 

BraveHeart is a Code.  

Having a BraveHeart means you have a heart set on fire with a passion that demands excellence and loves a challenge. It's a belief that there is more to life than making money, and that providing for one’s children is more than just giving them money and a place to live. BraveHeart is a pride in quality, in a job well done, in one’s family, one’s business, and the work of one’s hands.

Bravehearts accept duty and responsibility without giving up.They make mistakes, they fail, but they never say die. They ask for forgiveness and give it, even when they don’t feel like it. BraveHearts love others more than they love themselves. They are givers, not takers.  They love their families, their businesses, and their countries.

Bravehearts are not born; they are forged.  They are fashioned in the crucible of adversity, hammered on the anvil of hard work, sharpened on the unforgiving edge of ownership and refined on the grinder of familial responsibility.  They rise to the task that is set before them. 

BraveHeart is a Process.

A BraveHeart doesn’t just wake up one morning and see a hero in the mirror.  Becoming a BraveHeart isn’t a overnight transformation; it is a process. One that takes years of planning, heartache, sweat, and tears. 

But even a BraveHeart needs help along the way. That is why we built the BraveHeart Planning Process; to help true BraveHearts develop a road map for their business and family as they plan and work for today and the future.

Braveheart is an Execution.

Ideas, plans, and processes are worthless without execution. It is not enough to simply start.  You have to follow through and finish.  Your roadmap can be built to handle many different outcomes, for no one knows the day of his death, or whether or not his health will last.  But you can still realize value for the business and provide for your family, regardless of what happens, if you plan and execute well.  

BraveHeart is a Movement.  

Now is a pivotal time for our nation and her family businesses.  We believe it is more vital than ever that our nation leans on her businesses with a backbone of strong family relationships.  Much of America’s strength is due to her family-owned businesses and the faith of her hard working people.  We believe the direction of her future will be profoundly impacted by how she decides to treat her family businesses. 

The BraveHeart Movement creates legacies. Legacies that are more about family than fortune. Families fail because they lose sight of what is important. Leo Toltsoy once wrote, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Legacy families are alike because the principles that create happy families are timeless; they transcend culture, location, and the laws of man.

Legacy families last because they have BraveHearts.