Build A Braveheart Business

Can your business run without you? Are you looking for more freedom and better results?  Looking to start a new business venture and need help with the formation? 

If you want to secure a business legacy for generations, it is vital that you not only grow your business, but that you grow it in a way that maximizes all the benefits of entrepreneurship for you and your family. 

As a part of this process, Long Business Advisors focuses on the following elements:

-  Protect

    The first step in securing a successful business legacy is to build a wall of protection around you and your business. The last thing you want is to lose everything because you failed to have adequate risk management strategies.  

    - Time  

    We don’t believe that time is money: We believe that time is even more valuable because it can never be replaced or rebuilt once lost. We focus on helping entrepreneurs maximize their unique results while minimizing the time it takes to reach those accomplishments. 

    - Strategy

    You know where you are. We help you define where you want to be and transform the way you think about getting there. We'll give you access to our proprietary tools to help you break through the ceiling of complexity and reach your highest potential. 

    - Ability

    Every entrepreneur has a unique ability that sets them apart. This ability is more than a talent; it is a gift that fosters inspiration and innovation. We help our clients find and enhance their innate abilities.

    The reason behind this philosophy is simple: We believe in creating a life where the majority of your time is spent doing what you enjoy and are specifically talented to do!

    - Process

    Every entrepreneur has their own unique way of doing business. We help to identify and categorize the wisdom and experience that makes your company succeed and turn it into repeatable processes.

    - Teamwork

    The biggest step toward owning vs. running a company is the quality of your employees. We provide clients with the tools to build an effective management team that uses each manager's unique abilities with a goal of creating a self-managing company.

    - Ownership

    Imagine being able to take six months out of the year to travel. Envision being able to spend more quality time with your family. These possibilities can come to fruition when you move from the management team to pure business ownership. Our ultimate goal for our entrepreneurs, who desire it, is to work themselves out of a job so they can enjoy all the benefits of business ownership.

    We don’t believe you should wait until you retire to live your legacy. Living your legacy is a dynamic and rewarding venture which benefits not only yourself, but your family. Please contact us so we can discuss management strategies to help you live and grow your legacy.